“I’m busy for the rest of my life”


Transitioning from college and a routine that only ever lasted a semester before changing to a different routine, to a very set schedule working M-F with evenings and weekends free… has resulted in a lot less “busy” and a lot more “chill.”

I’m enjoying not having every hour of my day spoken for in my planner. Time for hobbies. One of which being blogging. So I’m throwing out all those “I’m busy for the rest of my life” thoughts I had in college and focusing on enjoying each day as it comes.

I like cooking, going on adventures, stalking fashion bloggers on Instagram, spending too many hours on Pinterest planning out my ideal closet and sharing my experiences with people… Good, bad, funny, embarrassing, mundane and everything in between. I love my career and hope to share some of the tips I’ve picked up along the way. I have pretty serious opinions on everything from cupcakes (I have an extreme hatred for them) to shades of nail polish (if polish brands could develop the colors I have in my mind, I know they’d make a fortune. In the meantime I can share with you the ones that aren’t to that standard of exquisiteness but will do until brands GET ON MY LEVEL.)

Let’s have fun!

xo Sarah

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