Hair Products: My Favorite Cheap Finds and Ones Worth Splurging

It seems to me there are some products out there that just don’t perform as well as they should for the cost. On the other hand, I’m always pleasantly surprised when a great drug store standard outperforms the salon brand. Today I thought I’d share some of my go-to beauty products, both splurge-worthy and budget friendly.

Splurge Worthy

Hair Products: Splurge Worthy

  1. John Frieda Hair Dryer  This hair dryer will change your life. Okay maybe not, but it should definitely help to cut down on the amount of time you spend drying your hair each morning. If you have thick hair like I do, there’s nothing you dread more than drying your hair in the getting ready process. My hair dryer has helped to ease those pains.
  2. Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Volume Gel  As I had mentioned above, I have thick hair. I have some volume just from the massive amount of hair on my head but I always feel like I need more. I didn’t realize just how much this volume gel helped until one morning when I didn’t use it and my hair was lifeless and flat and I couldn’t figure out why! I now use it every morning.
  3. Kenra Color Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner  I have long searched for satisfactory color-safe shampoo and conditioner. I came across Kenra at my local Ulta this summer and have fell in love with it! Not only does it smell AMAZEBALLS, but it really works! I don’t feel like it is any way dulling my color and I don’t have issues with it weighing down or leaving a strange film on my hair. The other issue I seem to always have with color-safe shampoo and conditioner is that feeling of my hair never being clean – not a prob with Kenra Color Maintenance though!
  4. Big Sexy Hair What a Tease Styler  THIS STUFF! Oh man, if you only go out and buy one of the items listed in this blog post, I hope it’s this one. Game changer right here. I love volume. As if that wasn’t already obvi. So when I came across this little can of magic I was so enthralled! Basically, as you are back combing (teasing) your hair, spray a bit of this somewhat toward the root of each section before teasing. Bam. The magic happens. Volume will multiply before your eyes. You’re welcome.
Cheap Finds
 Hair Products: Cheap Finds
  1. Teasing Brush Again about the volume… This little friend is what you need if you’re getting ready for a date, a holiday gathering or church (yes, you know the saying “the higher the hair the closer to heaven” is definitely true). This tool will give you the mega volume if you tease approximately the top to top back 1/3 of your hair haha.
  2. L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hair Care Total Repair Extreme Split Ends Fixer I’m growing my hair out and it’s like a whole new world. I mean yes I had long hair once upon a time… When I was like 13. But I don’t remember what that was like. So for a good 9 years or so, I was constantly getting my hair cut because I rocked a short ‘do. Well when you don’t cut the dead stuff off every few weeks anymore like you had, you get these unruly split ends. So I ran to Walgreens after about the 58th time of catching myself awkwardly staring and picking at my split ends during meetings and conference calls. I decided to try this L’Oréal serum and am seeing results! If you’re in the same boat, I recommend giving it a shot.
  3. Pantene Pro-V Stylers Anti-Humidity Maximum Hold Hair Spray My go-to since like the 9th grade. This stuff is basically concrete in a can. No other has compared yet. If you’re looking for maximum hold and something to withstand the humidity of a Kentucky summer (or somewhere further south I suppose) this is your stuff.
  4. Teasing Comb “Why a teasing comb when you’ve already got a teasing brush” you ask? Well because you don’t want to leave your house looking like you stuck your finger in an electrical outlet. And because sometimes you don’t need Dolly Parton hair. (Hard to imagine such a day but there are those days in your life too, I’m sure of it.) This comb will also help tease your hair decently high and more importantly smooth the top hairs after all the teasing action so you can walk about society with a more polished look.


Well there ya go. Let me know what you think! Do you use any of these products? Have something else you just adore that I should try? Let me know!

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