Affordable Fall Decor

Fall is finally in the air… well it was this morning, but now it’s already hot again. Even though we can’t quite break out our favorite sweaters just yet, it doesn’t mean we can’t decorate our homes in anticipation!

As far as seasonal decor is concerned, I honestly don’t decorate much until Christmas (and then I go all out). But how can you resist cute little pumpkins, fall candles and beautiful wreaths?!

One of my favorite places to find affordable seasonal decor is Big Lots! If you haven’t checked out your local Big Lots in a while, you’re missing out! I found this beautiful wreath a few years ago while living in Frankfort and I love adorning my apartment door with it at the beginning of autumn each year!

A few more of my fall decor favorites include the cutest tiny pumpkins from Target’s bargain section and the cozy aroma of a Warm Luxe Cashmere Yankee Candle. This candle was a birthday gift from my sweet roomie, Tamika. I cannot get over how heavenly it smells!!

Another bargain find was this little guy from Walmart a couple years back. How precious is this fox cookie jar?! You can find a similar one here.

I’m a firm believer in growing my seasonal decor collections slowly, purchasing items that really stand out to me and not necessarily having a hay day every time I see something with a fall leaf or a jingle bell on the store shelves. Don’t feel like you need to break the bank to decorate for each season – buy decor that speaks to you and otherwise save your pennies. One day, we will all have trunks of trinkets like our moms and grandmas, and hopefully all those trinkets will hold memories and stories from over the years. I’m trying not to rush gathering “stuff” in the short term!

What are your favorite fall decor finds?

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