(Another) “Busy” Season

It’s seem like there are three major “busy” seasons in my line of work. We have the legislative session, the summer meeting season and the annual meeting season. They don’t really coincide with the standard four seasons the world operates on but much like college, they almost feel like “semesters.”

Each busy season comes with its own challenges and stressors but there’s something exciting about each as well.

I’m in the midst of annual meeting season and that usually means attending more events. These events usually mean dressing up a little more than my typical office clothes and one of my go-to dresses this season has been a stylish and comfy Tyler Boë Cindy dress. If you’re familiar with the Tyler Boë brand, the Cindy dress is very similar to the Kim dress just without the cowl neck.

I love the simple look and inverted pleat that helps flatter most every body type.

And of course the pockets are just the icing on the cake. At events, and just being on-the-go in general, the pockets are an absolute necessity. I’m usually photographing speakers or attendees mingling and trying to post to our social media accounts throughout events. The ample pocket space holds my camera lens cap, phone and usually a jump drive or my keys, easily.

Additionally, this dress looks great with flats (ideal for work events), or boots for when I want to dress it up a little more, and I can throw on a hat for a fun weekend look!

I bought this hat at Target and dress from a local boutique, The Cotton Patch in the Lansdowne Shoppes. These dresses go incredibly fast (usually at the very beginning of the season). Tyler Boë offers so many great patterns and colors, so if you love this one, I highly recommend trying the Cindy style or any of the similar styles. It doesn’t appear that the hat is still available, but a similar one can be found here.

Cozy Sunday In

Cozy Sunday In

Have you ever seen the movie “Love and Other Disasters” starring Brittany Murphy?

Well it’s one my favorite go-to chick flicks.  Murphy plays ultra-chic, carefree “Jacks” and it’s impossible not to be envious of her glamorous everyday look in what I believe to be a total “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” spoof.

While the movie itself isn’t as well put together as Jacks, it’s a feel-good movie I recommend if for no other reason than for fashion inspiration.

When I interned in D.C. there was one weekend it was so miserably hot that I stayed in my room, ordered delivery and binge watched Brittany Murphy films. I wish I had become a fan of her’s while she was still alive because she was one classy lady in my book.

So anyway, this was an outfit I threw together one Sunday back in February with Jacks on the brain. Who says you have to have somewhere to go in order to look/feel cute? Not I! 😉

Here I’m channeling Jacks in a sweet pair of black ballet flats I scored at Marshall’s one weekend shopping with my fab friend Blair, comfy black legging style yoga pants from Target and a cozy snow leopard print sweater from The Loft. Lipstick is an oldie but one of my go-to shades: Rimmel London 006 Blush Pink.

Earrings are Chloe + Isabel Crystal Pave Hoop Earrings and can be found at my online boutique.

What’s your favorite Brittany Murphy movie?

xo Sarah